Accept no limits.

Why Zetros?

  • A reliable vehicle that can smoothly and swiftly switch between paved and non paved surfaces even when transporting heavy loads.
  • The Zetros boasts a high level of fuel economy and an innovative dual tank system, helping to keep costs down and reduce time spent refueling.
  • The Zetros is highly intuitive – making it easy for drivers to unlock its full potential. And to ensure it stays up and running, cleaning, maintenance and repairs are simple to carry out.
  • Zetros was developed with longevity front of mind. The result is a vehicle you can count on time and again under demanding conditions. It is designed to deliver outstanding performance on rough ground.
Zetros Icon

Designed for easy operation – even in challenging situations.

The Zetros design focuses on state-of-the-art ergonomics and convenient operation, even in the harsh conditions often encountered in the Middle East. The result? Easy access to all maintenance points and the engine compartment, a “walk-on” roof and bonnet, and superior visibility for driver.


A tradition you can trust: off-road expertise.

The Zetros continues a legendary tradition and is considered the specialist for extreme terrain, thanks to outstanding traction and supreme mobility. Decades of off-road expertise and innovative technology are combined to produce this modern truck concept for extreme operations. Especially the Zetros semitrailer tractor sets new standards in handling tough off-road challenges with high payload.

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