Beast of the Bivouac.

Making sure that no one is left behind.

Trucks you can Trust.

Find out why the support teams of the Dakar Rally trust their Mercedes-Benz Trucks on the road of the competition.

Mercedes-Benz Actros.

Long-distance transportation becomes more efficient with the Actros.

Masters of the desert.

Watch our Mercedes-Benz Off-Road range in action.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

Shaping the Future of Transportation.

Arocs SLT.

The Powerhouse for Heavy-duty Transportation.

Why Mercedes-Benz?

Mercedes-Benz Trucks have enjoyed a reputation for supreme power, reliability, safety and economy for many years. No wonder that trucks with all these qualities are in great demand specifically in regions where they are faced with extreme conditions. Ground-breaking innovations and excellent value retention are decisive for the brand's success. With its broad spectrum of offers the brand can really score points with the customer.

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Master of the Desert.

Sand, gravel and rocks. Heat, dust and heavy loads. Mercedes-Benz Off-Road vehicles master even the most difficult terrains and challenges. We have sent our full range of highly capable off-road vehicles to test the limits - from the light-duty G-Wagon 4x4 to the super-heavy-duty Actros 8x8 tractor. Watch the full movie and see yourself what is possible when performance and robustness encounter the harsh conditions in the Middle East.

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