The new force in construction.

Why Arocs?

  • From platform vehicle and concrete mixer to heavy-duty tipper, the road and all-wheel-drive variants of the Arocs offer a particularly tough and robust vehicle to meet any challenge in construction and off-road transportation.
  • The Arocs powerfully masters every driving situation, equipped with a robust and high-torque engine, Mercedes PowerShift 3 and a new unique suspension and frame design, all as standard.
  • The Arocs was built with an increased ground clearance with high angles of approach to ensure optimized agility even in challenging road conditions.
  • The Arocs provides outstanding fuel-efficiency thanks to the new in-line 6-cylinder engines available in Euro III and Euro IV/V configurations.
  • A durable powertrain delivers precisely the power you need in off-road transportation, construction site or extreme terrain.
Arocs Front 1400X600
Arocs Reliable

Reliable in every aspect.

The Arocs meets every aspect of reliability in terms of technical features, production and testing. The drivetrain development and production are 100 percent made by Mercedes-Benz, ensuring everything meets the highest Mercedes-Benz standards. Thanks to vehicle-specific test programs enduring global testing with simulation real-life situations were completed. Extensive testing with more than 40 Mio. kilometres rough road, more than 6 Mio. kilometres regional testing in Abu Dhabi and more than 23 Mio. kilometres testing the durability, ensure that the Arocs is your reliable partner on and off the road.

Providing unmatched robustness and durability.

The Arocs combines relevant features, such as robust planetary axles and rear axle with reinforced center bearing for 3- and 4- axle vehicles, to achieve extreme load requirements. The robust multi-leaf parabolic springs are fitted on the front and rear axle of the Arocs for particularly high stability and good ride comfort – even in extreme off-road terrain.

Robustness And Durability

All wheel-drive for severe off-road applications.

The Arocs offers three all-wheel-drive variants for outstanding traction. For demanding manoeuvres in difficult terrain, such as moving off on gradients on difficult terrain, the Arocs is equipped with permanent all-wheel drive. When less demanding applications and low fuel consumption are required, the engageable all-wheel drive is available.

Arocs All Wheel Drive

Making light work of heavy-duty transport.

The Arocs SLT has been designed and built for heavy haulage which can pull up to 250 tons GCW. It is equipped with a particularly robust drivetrain, chassis, suspension and frame which puts the power delivered down on the road with precision, even when the truck is operating at full capacity.

The Arocs SLT.
Arocs SLT
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