Truck Driving Experience Event.

The event included the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz Actros MP5 truck

Al Mulla Automobiles, Mercedes-Benz "Commercial Vehicles Division", organized the first driving experience of Mercedes-Benz trucks in Kuwait at Kuwait motor town. This experience in which the attendees tested the strength of the trucks’ performance and the most prominent safety and security features that they provide, especially the Mercedes-Benz Active Brake Assist safety system that was tested in front of the audience and demonstrated its high efficiency in safety especially in cases of driver's lack of attention, as the system automatically stops the truck to prevent collision.

The event witnessed testing one of Oula Fuel Marketing Company trucks, which is the first company in Kuwait to own a whole fleet of all-new Actros trucks (Fuel tanker) that are equipped with the latest safety systems, especially the Active Brake Assist safety system, in order to ensure the safety of its truck fleet on the roads. The test was held directly in front of the audience to demonstrate the safety levels in its trucks, especially the fuel tankers.

Active Brake Assist

Before giving the audience a truck driving experience, a simplified explanation of the principles of driving and road safety was presented, and the characteristics and modern specifications of the Mercedes-Benz heavy trucks were demonstrated. The participants were then taken for a tour inside the cabin to learn about its features. After that, they had the opportunity to drive and test its real capabilities and abilities within Kuwait Motor Town circuit.

Driving Experience

On this event, Mr. Ralph Gayer, General Manager of Commercial Vehicles at Al Mulla Automobiles Company, said: “Today we give our customers the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience to explore the latest technologies and capabilities of Mercedes-Benz trucks in Kuwait. These trucks have all the elements of strength and durability while adhering to the highest safety standards and comfort, along with its dependability and tremendous reliability, which has proven its legend for twenty years in Kuwait and the region. "
Mr. Gayer also extended special thanks to Oula Fuel Marketing Company for its unrivaled support and contribution to the success of the event and the distinguished partnership between the two companies and its great confidence in Mercedes-Benz trucks.


Newly launched during the event, the new Mercedes-Benz Actros mp5 trucks, that features the Active Brake Assist 5, which is the new generation of emergency braking assistance that supports the dynamic brake assistance system in the event of a possible rear collision or collision with a person crossing in front or towards the vehicle or to stay on the same track.
The Active Brake Assist 5 technology operates with an advanced system that combines radar and cameras, which enables the system to better monitor the area in front of the vehicle and respond effectively; this has been tested in front of the audience and proved its efficiency.
The mp5 truck equipped also with the state-of-art feature which is the MirrorCam, in which the exterior side mirrors have been replaced by wide-angle mirrors on the new Actros model by MirrorCam, to increase safety and security.
MirrorCam represents an enormous improvement in aerodynamics, safety and handling of vehicles. This system provides a greatly improved comprehensive vision and consists of two cameras installed on the outside of the vehicle and two 15 inch screens on the A columns inside the cabin.

Truck Driving Experience

These trucks also provide intuitive connectivity and operation thanks to the fully updated Multimedia Cockpit feature for the driver, to provide the driver with a unique level of operational comfort.
Actros has two interactive screens that are the central source of information in the cockpit, where assistance systems and all relevant essential information are displayed to the driver.
Communication has become now a reality in Actros, as smartphones can be connected via Apple CarPlayTM or Android Auto. While the applications help the driver to carry out his transportation tasks.
Monitoring is carried out directly and continuously while driving the truck using Fleetboard and Mercedes-Benz Uptime systems to give the employer added value. It is also possible to operate the truck remotely, so that the driver, thanks to the control switch, has more flexibility to operate.
The trucks are distinguished by their front end, which is made of high quality materials and advanced specifications that contribute to the comfort of drivers, and they come equipped with an automatic transmission from Mercedes Power Shift 3 to achieve the highest levels of fuel efficiency, making it the perfect choice for fleet operators who are looking for strong and economical trucks at the same time.

Mercedes Benz Trucks

New Actros and Arocs trucks come equipped with the best safety and security equipment to ensure the highest levels of driver protection. One of the safety features is the optional available active brake assistant 5, as this system for emergency braking works using radar technology and activates the maximum level of braking when necessary for a complete stop before colliding with moving or fixed objects in front it. The system also warns the driver of any imminent collision with pedestrians, while partially activating the braking.

Full Auto Brake

Participants praised the quality of the organization of the event and their welcoming by Al Mulla Automobiles Company.
Al Mulla Automobiles Company is always keen to organize such events in order to provide an opportunity for its customers and the largest number of audiences to get first-hand knowledge of the true specifications of the commercial vehicles and trucks it provides. Also, to provide them with an opportunity to get to know the fundamental differences that distinguish it from the rest of the other models, to always remain at the forefront of the leading brands in the world of cars.
The event also included a marketplace area, in which more than one Mercedes-Benz department participated: such as Mercedes-Benz Genuine parts, Mercedes-Benz Service Solutions, Daimler FLEETBOARD® and Mercedes-Benz vans. The marketplace also included a distinguished participation from Al Mulla International Finance Company, the Araba Rental and Leasing Company and Al Mulla Industries Company. Also, a special thanks to KGL for supporting the event with one of its trailers, as they are all partners in the success.

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